rs parts

                         Original style aluminum knobs


                                Pickup surrounds x3


                            Star of Bethlehem inlay. 5/8"

                                        $20.00 each



       Coming soon: White pearloid tuner buttons w/ screws

                              Switchcraft / white switches

                                  $5.50 each / $30.00 (6)

              Aluminium switch plates.

                         $26.00 a set

                          Omeg pots                             

set includes (2) long shaft Omeg

220K LOG B potentiometers         

                     $25.00 a set (2)

         Custom made CTS 220K long-shaft potentiometers

                          Direct replacement for Omeg. 

                                     $25.00 a set (2)

                       Sprague oil capacitor  .022-200

                                        $18.00 each

             1960's Vintage Burns Style Strap Buttons                                                        $18.00 a set

                                         Tremolo arm 

     includes nuts,washers, threaded stud and white tip. 

                                          $65.00 each

                      Wilkinson roller bridge with posts     

                                   Includes allen key

                                         $45.00 each


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